Snowflake in my pocket con Gaby

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Sabato 15 Dicembre 2018 – alle ore 17:00

Snoflake in my pocket

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Snowflake in my pocket a cura di Play con Gaby-Fun Learning English

Wise and seasoned Bear lives with young Squirrel in an old oak. When they explore the forest together, Bear experiences everything “new again with Squirrel by his side.”

One icy night, Bear warns of snow. When Squirrel wakes up, he scrapes a hole in the frosty window, revealing the snowy world outside. Bear has a cold so Squirrel ventures outdoors alone to “have fun for both of them.” All seems perfect as Squirrel crunches, runs, and rolls in the fresh snow, excitedly making snow angels and snow bears, but he misses Bear and catches a snowflake to bring home.

Alas, the snowflake melts in Squirrel’s pocket, prompting Bear to sagely remind Squirrel, “snow comes and snow goes” but their friendship will last. Using simple, brightly colored, cut-paper forms enhanced with delicate pencil etchings, the engaging illustrations neatly contrast the snowy outdoors with the homey indoors.

A circle motif (Bear’s and Squirrel’s round heads, round cameo scenes, round moon, round snowflakes, and a round cutout window providing a peek-through experience) reinforce the circle of friendship. Onomatopoeic phrases such as “splosh-splish” and “thumpety-thud” as well as intriguing pencil details beg readers’ participation.

A nicely paced, visually fresh read-aloud treat celebrating friendship. (Picture book. 3-7)

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